Order Types. For All Types.

Place trades when you want, how you want, with several order types available in all DealBook® platforms.

*Market Orders

Place an order from the chart, dashboard, or quoteboard at the market price.

Single-click Orders

(Not available on DealBook® Mobile)Choose single-click orders to take advantage of fast-moving markets.

*Stop & Limit Orders

Protect your potential profit or help minimise loss by setting a stop or limit at a certain price. When the market hits your price, the order is triggered. Unless you use a Guaranteed Stop Order, in volatile markets prices can gap through the order price and may be executed at a price that is worse than the order price.


*Parent & Contingent Orders

Set up an entire trade start to finish: when to get in and when to get out.

parent contingent order

*Automated Trailing Stop

Set your stop to trail the market price to help capture additional profits while minimising losses.

Slippage Disclaimer
* IMPORTANT NOTE: Slippage on all stop orders is possible during times when GFT is closed, around fundamental announcements, and times of extreme market volatility. Slippage relates to orders being filled at a price which is worse than the stop price requested by the customer.