The market has a story to tell.

Unravel the details with customisable charting.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor your position, evaluate trends and forecast market moves – all in one place? It sure would. That’s why our DealBook® software provides you with easy-to-read charts, a bundle of free indicators and a wide selection of customisation options to help you do it all.

See All Sides of the Market

  • Set time frames as small as a tick or as large as a year
  • Choose one of three chart types in DealBook® WEB and DealBook® Mobile
  • Choose one of eight chart types in DealBook® 360
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Trade Right from the Chart

  • Act on fast-moving markets by placing trades and managing multiple order types directly from the chart
  • Available on DealBook® 360 and DealBook® WEB
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Validate Patterns and Trends

  • Plot support and resistance levels and identify simple and complex patterns
  • Use Fibonacci and Gann tools to forecast entry and exit points for possible trades
Forex patterns, forex trends,  Fibonacci and Gann tools

Find Market Trends

  • Select, customise and display a variety of indicators on charts
  • Available on all versions of the DealBook® platform
  • For more information on available indicators, click here
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To learn more about how to use the DealBook® charting tools, view the DealBook® 360 manual.