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GFT Markets is now part of, giving you access to free weekly webinars from’s research team. Get an overview of upcoming events that may impact the markets along with product-specific forecasts.

Live Trading Sessions

This 30 minute webinar is presented by our team of global analysts. Register to see the presenter's screen in real-time to get their insights and commentary on market developments as well as actionable trade ideas. This webinar also includes a live Q&A session.

Weekly: Monday at 0900 ET & Thursday at 1400 ET

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NFP Preview

Ahead of the all-important US NFP report, join our US analysts and be the first to get's NFP forecast each month. Our team will guide you through the range of expectations before the release, along with the potential market implications. This is a great way to prepare for one of the most important market events each month.

Monthly: 0800 ET (every NFP Friday)

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Videos & Tutorials

Watch free videos covering all aspects of trading along with tutorials on how to get the most out of our trading platforms.

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