Extra Market Insight Couldn’t Hurt.

Our analysis tools give you just that.

  • autochartist-chart-patterns_07

    Autochartist™ Chart Patterns

    Free to all GFT customers, Autochartist™ identifies common market patterns to help you determine if you want to enter, stay or exit the market.

    See patterns. See profit potential.

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  • foresight-ai_18


    If you’re looking for confirmation of your pricing analysis, Foresight-A.I.™ can help by forecasting the times at which high-probability trades may occur.

    See tomorrow’s potential today.

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  • dinapoli-dlevels_14

    DiNapoli D-Levels™

    Are you a Fibonacci follower? DiNapoli D-Levels™ is a set of indicators from Joe DiNapoli, a professional in applying Fibonacci ratios to financial markets.

    Trade at the next level.

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