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Foresight-A.I.™ can help confirm your trade analysis.

If you’ve been trading for a while, you’ve probably set up a trading system – with your favourite indicators, charting tools and news feeds. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to check it? Meet Foresight-A.I.™ – a leading, timing indicator that can help confirm your analysis.


What is it?

Foresight-A.I.™ forecasts the market’s movements and helps you confirm when the market might be moving up or down.

Foresight-A.I.™ is actually two indicators in one:

A leading indicator – the forecast is delivered in advance so you can prepare your strategy for the next trading day.

A timing indicator – it shows when the market may hit highs, lows and change direction using an algorithm based on past market patterns.

Foresight-A.I.™ is meant to be used with other indicators as confirmation of pricing analysis and not as a stand-alone tool, so we recommend you have some trading experience before subscribing.

It covers 13 currency pairs and 80 equities/indices. Click here and select Foresight-A.I.™ to see available markets.

How do I use it?

Add Foresight-A.I.™ to your two-minute chart. Foresight-A.I.™ is designed for the two-minute chart in DealBook® 360 and shows up as a single line.

Use in combination with other technical indicators. Since Foresight-A.I.™ shows the possible times the market may rise, fall or change direction, it’s important to always pair it with other technical indicators.

Look for the forecast the night before the next trading day. Foresight-A.I.™ is delivered the evening before the next trading day, so it allows you to get a head start on the next day’s trades.

Questions about Forsight AI? View our FAQ.

CFD and spread bet trading involves high risk with the potential for substantial losses, with or without the use of Foresight-A.I.™ GFT offers Foresight-A.I.™ as an analytical tool which seeks to forecast future market movements, but GFT does not represent or warrant that the markets will behave as predicted by Foresight-A.I.™. Foresight-A.I.™ is intended to assist traders in making their own trading decisions and does not provide specific trade recommendations. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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