DiNapoli D-Levels™

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Looking for a boost to your Fibonacci analysis?

Maybe you already use the six DiNapoli D-Levels™ in DealBook® 360 for your Fibonacci analysis, but want to take it to the next level. With DiNapoli D-Levels™, you get four more indicators for a complete set of ten Fibonacci indicators.


What is it?

DiNapoli D-Levels™, created by Fibonacci expert Joe DiNapoli, combines leading and lagging indicators to help you identify entries and exits on any of our 2900+ markets.

Why use DiNapoli D-Levels™?

Easy application. The theory of Fibonacci is connected directly to trading opportunities, making it easier to use the tools in your trading.

See market direction. Each indicator helps build a clearer picture of trend direction and price momentum.

Spot changes. The collection of leading and lagging indicators helps you identify support and resistance levels where pricing trends might change.

Find more trades. Layering indicators helps you find more trading opportunities.

Consistency. Build a consistent trading strategy by following the rules and application guidelines of the indicators.

How do I use it?

Access DiNapoli D-Levels™ in the DealBook® 360 platform. They appear on and below your charts – use as many or as few as you like to analyse your trades.

The system consists of ten specific indicators. The first four below are available by subscription; the rest are included free in GFT’s DealBook® 360 platform for customers with a premium account.

DiNapoli Oscillator Predictor – Predicts overbought and oversold positions one period ahead of time.

DiNapoli MACD Predictor – Know the exact price the current and next bar will need to achieve for the MACD to cross, and the distance the market has to go before your current position is either helped or hindered by the force of the next MACD cross.

DiNapoli Retracement Tool – Helps identify areas of strong support and resistance.

DiNapoli Expansion Tool – Shows three profit objectives for any properly defined market move.

DiNapoli Displaced Moving Averages (3) – Displaces a moving average forward in time so you know what the trend delineation point or price will be a number of periods ahead of time, shown as DiNapoli 3X3, DiNapoli 7X5 and DiNapoli 25X5.

DiNapoli Preferred Stochastics™ – Configured to show the hand of the weak players and is designed to be "faded."

DiNapoli MACD – Joe DiNapoli created the input numbers — you choose the high, low, open or close.

DiNapoli Detrend Oscillator – Helps you better view overbought and oversold market conditions.

As with all technical indicators, it’s important to understand how to use them before adding them to your trading strategy.

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