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Identifying chart patterns is never easy.

Even if you can recognise a few patterns, scanning multiple charts can be tricky, particularly if you want to enter or exit a trade quickly.


What is it?

Autochartist™ scans hundreds of charts and can automatically alert you of potential market movement based on standard and Fibonacci price patterns.

Standard price patterns include: Bearish and bullish flags, pennants, triangles, wedges, head and shoulders as well as double tops and bottoms.

Fibonacci-based price patterns include: Three-point Fibonacci retracements and extensions, ABCD, three-drive, and two exclusive patterns to GFT – butterfly and Gartley.

How do I use it?

Just log into Autochartist™, and it can let you know when patterns appear for the markets you choose.

Combine Autochartist™ with DealBook® 360 or DealBook® WEB and you’ll find that you can:

Spend less time analysing charts by letting Autochartist™ do the work behind the scenes. Automatic alerts let you know the moment a pattern appears.

Anticipate and react quickly to current market conditions by viewing possible direction and trend strength for completed patterns. In addition, view emerging patterns that could turn into a completed pattern.

Create personalised filters to receive alerts on a specific currency pair, trend characteristic or pattern type.


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